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After an eventful year I booked my first yoga retreat. Exactly what I needed: a week of full focus on myself and getting to know new people who are probably in a similar time in their lives. Somewhat uncertain due to my limited yoga experience and that I didn't know anyone outside of Joke i traveled to Ibiza, as this felt like something I had to do. And hallelujah I am so grateful for this experience! So many nice deep conversations, love and respect, with some tears but also a lot of fun. Ibiza 2019 was life changing for me, thanks to the warmth of these 3 people! I can proudly say that I am a "richer" person, grew my self-love and developed dear new friendships. Off to Italy 2020 !!


May 2019 I went on a Yoga Retreat that was wonderfully organized by the ladies of Soulvibe. Exciting to start and  it was even better than expected. Wanted to come back to myself and see what I needed on my life path. I had a super nice coaching session with Joke at the retreat. Every day we received a beautiful stone that matched the theme of the day. We have also received very nice and beautiful meditations, which I still listen to. The yoga classes of Iris and Joke were great and the Ayurvedic meals from Nicole were really super tasty and nutritious. Because of this I have not had a need for sweets. The great thing about this retreat was that nothing was obligated and everything was allowed. There was room to be yourself. Although you are with a group, there was enough space and time for yourself. I can say that we had a great group of people who, after 7 days of laughter and tears, had all grown enormously in their being. For me personally very good experiemce and also nice to see the effect on others. In short, I would definitely recommend the Soulvibe Retreat.


Had a great week with these ladies. Nice atmosphere, everything was well organized, and it is nice that nothing is obligated and everything is possible. Suitable for everyone, even if you just want another kind of vacation.


I can recommend a retreat from Soulvibe to anyone. For years I wanted to go on a yoga retreat but something stopped me. Until I came across the retreat of Soulvibe in Ibiza and immediately got a good feeling about it. The week was fantasticly organized in which everything was allowed but nothing was required. The yoga classes were delicious (for beginners as well as advanced), the Ayurvedic food was delicious (I was totally unfamiliar with this but did not have a sugar dip that week) and the relaxed atmosphere really gave me a holiday feeling. We had a very nice group with whom we also went out for an evening (after all you are in Ibiza 😁) and with which a lot of joys and sorrows were shared. Everyone really made steps in their personal growth journey. To this day forward, I am still grateful that I have been able to make this journey with these 3 fantastic women. I still reap the benefits of it every day.🙏

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