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Frequently asked questiONS

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move. Layers are always a good idea, as it helps to adapt to the temperatures.


Can I bring my own drink?

No. You will have unlimited access to free drinking water and thee. In case you would like to drink wine, you can buy local wine from the farmers nearby.


What is the climate in Italy and Portugal?

In Italy it will be estimated about 25 degrees and we only expect little rain in that period. Keep in mind that it gets a little cooler in the evening, so bring a warm sweater.


In Portugal the seawater is warmer as we are going in September, after a probably warm summer. The temperature in that period will be about 26 degrees.


In both properties we will have in and outside Shala’s to practice yoga.



What kind of food will we get?

Every day there are 3 healthy meals  "farm to table", directly from your own vegetable garden or from local farmers on your plate. For wine lovers both locations offer local wines which you can buy per bottle.


The meals are vegetarian & "vegan-friendly" and everything is made with love and you can taste it!


Which ticket is best for booking?

In Italy you are welcome on Saturday 27 June from 16.30 and we will leave Saturday 4 July after breakfast (no later than 10.00). If you fly from Eindhoven you can fly via Rome. From there you can book transfers to make sure that someone picks you up. Of course you can also go for a rental car if you want more freedom to explore the area during the week.


There are also flight options from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels. From Rotterdam you have the option to fly to Perugia in addition to Rome.


In Portugal you are welcome on Saturday 5 September from 3 pm and we will leave on Saturday the 12th after breakfast (no later than 10 am). Regarding flight options, we can advise you to fly via Lisbon or Faro. Lisbon is a little further, but you may want to combine it with a city trip to the city. Because we are in the Algarve, the location recommends renting a car so that you have the opportunity to explore the area.

Of course we can offer help to combine the car rental with other guests from our retreat. If you find it exciting to book a flight, we can always help you and ensure that we inform you if there are more guests on the same flight so you can travel together.


Which retreat suits me best?

When booking a SOULVIBE Retreat you know that you can decide for yourself in which activities you would like to participate or not. Sleeping in and skip yoga? No problem! After all, it's your vacation! That being said,  if we take a look at the locations, the big difference is that you are close to the sea in Portugal and that you can try many activities such as golf surfing, horseback riding and sup yoga.


In Italy we have a completely different environment. You are in the green hills of Umbria and  you’ll be in a wonderful green environment where you can enjoy hiking trips and explore medieval villages. Here we have delicious Italian food and a beautiful swimming pool to cool off.


Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! You can choose whether you pay at once or go for instalments. If you pay in instalments, you can pay the remaining amount in parts after the down payment.


Can I book for a shorter ammount of days?

That is possible, but unfortunately that does not affect the price.


Can I deduct the invoice as business expenses?

That depends on the type of company you have, but there are certainly opportunities to do this. Please contact us if you want to explore the possibilities together.


Is there room for silence?

Yes. We have enough leisure time, so there are plenty of moments when you can take a step back and enjoy silence. Do you really want to experience next level silence? In Italy you can even go for a digital detox! In addition, Italy provides many little areas, terraces and corners where you can isolate yourself and just be in silence.


Can I book my ticket immediately?



Can I join without a yoga experience?

Hell yes! Our lessons are accessible for all levels and we offer alternatives that match with you experience level.


Which forms of yoga can we expect?

Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Power, Ying / Yang and Yoga Nidra. Are you a newbee in yoga and think…… uh say what? It's just names. Yoga is fun and diverse, so to a leap of faith and surprise yourself with a new experience!


Can I share a room with a friend?

Yes, we can arrange that for you. Inform us with who you would like to share a room and we will make it happen.


Where is it exactly in Portugal?

Near the village of Vila Nova de Milfontes.

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